Right to be forgotten surfaces in India

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The Right to be forgotten as the name suggests is a right that enables people to have something about them be forgotten. Alternatively, to be removed from the public domain. There could so much information about you on the Internet. Not all of it of course you would love. But this right would not mean that you are going to … Read More

Noida Fraudster made 3700 Crore via Online Trading Scam

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Online Trading Scam

Police in Noida have busted an online trading scam that has been going on since August 2015. A scam of this type has been busted for the first time. The fraudsters swindled close to 3700 Crore from 7 lakh people via a trading website, socialtrade.biz. The website invited people to be a member by paying an amount ranging between Rs. 5,750 … Read More

Advocate Prashant Mali to represent India in the famous IVLP program

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Adv. Prashanth Mali

Adv. Prashant Mali will be a part of the IVLP (International Visitors Leadership Program) which is one of the most premier professional exchange programs in the world. The program that he will attend will be focused on the topic “Linking Digital Policy to Cyber Crime Enforcement”. As part of this program Mr. Mali would be spending around 18 days in USA ie. … Read More

How to get Revenge Porn videos removed?

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How to get revenge porn removed?

This post about Revenge Porn is based on the queries that we receive from numerous people across the country. And honestly, we did not have a clear answer  about revenge porn removal until we did some digging. First of all, revenge porn is a growing menace on all Social Media platforms and even the websites that serve porn videos. For … Read More

Watchout when Swiping Cards at POS machines

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Financial security is a rising concern now. Credit it to the demonetization or whatever, people have become a little accustomed to using mobile wallets, UPI apps and above all, swiping cards. It is intriguing to watch people at petrol pumps and grocery stores. Some of them are happy (satisfied in a way) and some really worried about swiping cards. I came … Read More

Pornography Rules in India

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This is another one of those posts which I am writing because of a heavy amount of search queries. “Pornography rules in India”, are there any? If you ask a straightforward question, the answer is no. The reason so many people (not just youngsters) want an answer to this question is because they are consuming pornography and are afraid whether … Read More

India to soon have an Electronic Evidence Examiner

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India, DigitalEvidence, Cybercrime, investigation

With Governments notification dated 2nd January 2016 looks like India’s long struggle of proving digital evidence in court will soon come to an end. The notice declares that under Section 79A of IT Act, 2008 which empowers Central Government to appoint an Examiner of electronic evidence, India is soon to get one. As mandated by virtue of Sec. 79A of ITA, … Read More

Russia blocks LinkedIn app : Can India make such a move?

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russia blocks linkedin

You would be shocked to know that Russia requested Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn app from their respective app stores. As reported by The New York Times a few months ago, a Russian court had ordered to block the networking portal. This was owing to the fact that LinkedIn was breaching the Russian Data Protection rules. The lawmakers in … Read More

Who is responsible for an Internet Banking fraud?

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An interesting question. Well, one that I’ve been asked several times about Internet Banking. However, I’ve never had a simple reply. Generally speaking, “who is responsible” for anything is a question that a judicial body answers. Advocates, Academicians, and Experts have opinions. We have seen cases wherein lakhs of rupees have been transferred from one bank account to another with … Read More